Prof. Dr. Stefan Jost

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Philippinen
We have engaged Ms. Stephan to assist in the conception and implementation of two EU funded-projects that we are implementing in the Philippines. Ms. Stephan has designed and led several workshops for us on planning and management. We are impressed by her knowledge on project cycle management, funding guidelines and implementation of complex projects in politically difficult regions. She was a great help to our project team on site and helped us to implement the project successfully. Very important during the whole process, was her empathy for the Philippine culture and working methods and her sense to solve conflicts within the team and between the project partners in the most sensitive way. It is a pleasure working with her and we will definitely contract her again.

Sabine Harriehausen

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, European Funded Projects
I have been working with Mrs. Stephan for more than 15 years - in a wide variety of projects and countries. During this time she has planned more than 50 projects for us, has taken over the financial and project management for many projects and was also responsible for project monitoring. Her way of quickly familiarizing herself with new topics, grasping new cultures and ways of doing things and successfully accompanying teams is impressive. Especially in difficult projects with a high conflict potential, she manages to find solutions and ways that are satisfying for all involved persons. I enjoyed working with Ms. Stephan on training sessions in an international context, where I learned to appreciate her reliability, professionalism and creativity.

Dr. Miltos Ladikas

Institute of Technology Assessment and SystemsAnalysis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Susanne Stephan is an excellent project manager. She has proven a reliable, professional and knowledgeable organiser of conferences, meetings and expert discussions. Her intercultural skills, in-depth knowledge of policy structures in Europe and Asia, as well as her team-building capabilities, are indispensable qualities for someone tasked with international management responsibilities. In my experience, she has performed outstandingly and I consider her a safe pair of hands.

Nina Dinnessen

Merlin e.V.
We have engaged Ms Stephan as coach and consultant to improve the structures of our institution to develop clear responsibilities. Many processes and procedures had become entrenched over the years, without clear definition and demarcation. At the same time, they were not always target-oriented and, on closer inspection, were sometimes unclear even to those affected. All in all, it was important for us to go this way together with the team, so that it is a constructive process and the result was supported by all. Accordingly, the consultation for the board and management as well as team and individual coaching were an important part of the whole assignment. In cooperation with Mrs. Stephan, we were very successful in achieving our goals.

Dr. Sven Herpig

Sachverständiger für Cybersicherheitspolitik
Over a long period of time I have witnessed first hand how she plans, implements and evaluates an extremely challenging international project. It was impressive to see the effectiveness and efficiency with which she drove the project forward, without ever losing sight of the intercultural aspects under constantly changing conditions.

Benedicto Bacani

Executive Director, Institute for Autonomy and Governance, Notre Dame University Philippines
Susanne has been extremely helpful in insuring that our programming and financial reports are up to the standards of international funding agencies. She has extensive knowledge of quality project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as fiscal policies and practice that helped build the confidence of our funders in our organization’s capacity and integrity to implement large projects. Susanne exudes positivity and a cheerful attitude that tremendously lifts the spirit of my team to overcome difficult and complex issues that may arise in implementing and reporting our projects. Susanne is an effective problem-solver and her counsel and technical  assistance have no doubt contributed to the growth of my Institute.

Denis Schrey

Programm Direktor, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Multinational Development Policy Dialogue (MDPD)
Susanne Stephan works in intercultural contexts, results- and solution-oriented and with the necessary empathy. I have had the good fortune to work with Susanne in various challenging contexts. Her style of cooperation, professionalism and accuracy are second to none. She also has impressive management skills and negotiation skills. Especially noteworthy is her deeply human and empathic ability to engage, motivate and pick up people where the cultural context demands it.