Team Coaching

Teambuilding to clarify tasks, roles, responsibilities and promote a common understanding of objectives and overall organisational structure. Consulting, mediation, solutions for team conflicts and process optimisation.
Efficient structures
and procedures
Sustainable identification
with the company
Further development
and growth


... Teambuilding zur Klärung von Aufgaben, Rollen, Zuständigkeiten und gemeinsames Zielverständnis sowie Einbettung in die Gesamtstruktur, Beratung, Mediation und Lösungen für Teamkonflikte sowie Prozessoptimierung.
Klärung von Ursache
und Wirkung
Reflektion der
Klarheit und
Ziele und
nächste Schritt


Whether at the beginning of a project or the opening of a new department, office or branch, new teams entrusted with novel tasks or faced with internal structural change must (re-)develop a common understanding of their goals, responsibilities, competencies and roles. Only when there is clarity about framework conditions, structures and objectives, can employees work confidently and smoothly as a coherent unit. I’m here to help. A successful start saves energy, financial resources and minimises frustration.

Clearly communicate and measurable objectives
Minimise power struggles and conflicts by defining areas of competence / decision-making powers
Save time by efficiently defining roles and responsibilities

Team Development

Many changing factors - within and outside your project - can influence your work processes and affect whether you achieve your goals.What was successful yesterday may no longer work today. Even successful teams can reach a point where they have to redefine and realign themselves. This process can appear drastic and - for some employees - seem very stressful. I’m here to help you realise that change also brings opportunities and possibilities, through workshops, group and individual coaching.

Adapt work processes and responsibilities to new contexts
Identify training requirements and plan ahead together
Promote confidence in the company
Reduce excessive demands and conflicts whilst promoting innovation

Team Mediation & Conflict Resolution

All teams - whether at home or in the workplace - disagree and experience conflict. However, professional conflicts require a particular kind of solution. When conflicts appear unsolvable, space opens up for resignation and abandonment, also known as inner resignation. In order to escape from this, evasive strategies are developed, sick days increase and productivity decreases. There is no miracle cure for team conflicts - each case must be analysed so that its root causes can be understood. That’s why I develop tailor-made mediation concepts which can consist of training measures, group coaching and individual coaching.

Satisfied employees, satisfied managers
Fewer sick days
Less fluctuation
Higher productivity and innovation


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